A framework for growing individual and group effectiveness.

The Project

Proven concepts.
Expert facilitation.
Practical Application.

Project Benefits


Effective prioritization and consistent progress comes from a clear understanding of what matters to you. Redwood creates an opportunity to precisely articulate your priorities as well as the decisions required to bring them to life.


Renew your commitment to manage and improve relationships – especially the important or difficult ones. Whether it is nuanced inter-personal relationships with co-workers, or the all-encompassing parent-child team, your Redwood relationship work involves assessment, action and improvement. Teams will be united by championing common goals and building mutual understanding.


Redwood will push you to make choices that hold yourself to a higher standard. You will become accountable to the priorities you have announced. Redwood will create a community of people who will champion your accomplishments, and hold you responsible to your commitments.


Not only is it impossible to live a life without setbacks frustration and failure, we wouldn’t want it anyway. Redwood provides tools for you to rebound quickly from setbacks by managing the internal dialogues that play in your head.


By aligning your values with your actions, you take control of your life with simple but rigorous strategies. This allows you to take ownership of what matters to you and open a world of options.


Once you have articulated the personal elements that define you, a customized plan to deploy these elements in targeted, tactical ways is created. Engagement with your own emotions, goals, family, team and objectives is a direct result of this Action Plan.

About Us

Our Story

Scott Malcolm founded Redwood in 2011 after a career at Procter & Gamble and Blackberry. The competiveness and learning of the corporate world thrilled, but he always had been drawn to start his own business in an area in which he could make a big impact. Scott became very interested in character development, and lamented the lack of structured inquires schools and organizations provided in this area. Scott left his job and spent six months researching and building a product specifically. This became the Redwood Project.

We now have a great team and growing list of Redwood advocates with exceptional stories about the impact Redwood has had on their lives. As the organization grows the team is excited to continue to share the experience and push more people to Grow Big.

Redwood drives people to become strong, successful leaders. We do this by sharing a wealth of material proven to increase awareness, resiliency, connection, and engagement. Our workshops will expose people to the building blocks of a fulfilled life by having them articulate the people, passions, and ambitions that matter most. They will then go on to impact the organizations they are a part of in powerful and sustainable ways.

Our Mission

Our People

The Redwood Braintrust is a collection of exceptional people from a wide array of backgrounds. Their talents, experiences and commitment have been poured in to their work with Redwood.

Scott Malcolm

Scott has a way of exciting the people around him. It is a skill that was called on to start Redwood and now fuels every Redwood session. Scott is driven to create memorable experiences and share the Redwood material with people everywhere.

Why Redwood is important:
In Redwood people have the opportunity to take stock of what makes them strongest and deliberately bring it to the world. What could be more important than that?

Dasha Peregoudova

Dasha is a gifted athlete, thinker and mentor. As an internationally ranked Tae-Kwon-Do champion she traveled the world, winning two gold medals at the Pan-Am Games. She studied psychology and mental health at the University of Toronto and currently attends Western law school.

Why Redwood is important:
You will learn new things about yourself and apply them in game changing ways, guaranteed. What I love is that you’re very much expected and encouraged to interact with others and the world in a healthy, empowered way. This comes naturally with a Redwood toolkit in your pocket.

Jordan Walker
Senior Facilitator

As a senior facilitator,  Jordan uses his intelligence and perception to create environments that maximize learning. Jordan attended the University of Southern California on a tennis scholarship, followed his father and grandfather’s footsteps into pre-med and then made the bold decision upon graduation to instead follow a passion in to filmmaking. He has written and produced 3 feature length films.

Why Redwood is important:
Think about what it would be like to focus and act on the things that are most meaningful to you and you’ll know exactly why Redwood is important.

Oliver Moorhouse
Business Manager

Oliver is the behind the scenes engine that allows Redwood to navigate the trials of running a start-up with (much greater) deftness and confidence. Having successfully built a company as a founding partner of Trioro Inc, an internet and software solutions company, he speaks with conviction and advises through experience. His insights, sincerity and generosity consistently inspire.

Why Redwood is important:
We all have just one life to live. When you sit back and actually take that in, you realize how important character is to living well. Redwood builds character.

Dana Brown
Senior Facilitator

Dana operates at a high level and constantly elevates the output of those with whom she works. Over a 13-year career at Procter & Gamble, Dana has held a series of demanding and high profile marketing and PR roles. Her monumental energy and expertise make her a sought after Redwood facilitator.

Why Redwood is important:
So few people are really encouraged to find out what makes them truly powerful. Redwood does this and then goes far beyond. Imagine articulating and actioning this power and you’ll know why people love Redwood.

David Guida
Technology Developer

Imagine combining a passionate educator, gifted programmer and perceptive artist and you will get a sense of David’s talents. His curiosity and drive push him to find solutions others have missed and he meets enormous challenges head on, with a smile. He is a huge contributor to the team and a big part of Redwood future success.

Why Redwood is important:
As a teacher, I find few young people who have considered their paths beyond vague platitudes like, "live each day to the fullest." The Redwood Path gives young people a meaningful, sophisticated compass for how to live.

Redwood Workbook

The heart and soul of Redwood is the participant workbook. It captures the progress and commitments of each participant. Its pages, like the workshops, are fresh and engaging. Below are pages from one of our school programs, with sample answers.

Redwood Success Stories 

Take the Values Challenge!

It begins at the end of the first workshop, when your head is spinning with ideas and excitement. It is completed and then presented at our follow-up session.