A complete education will no longer be complete without exposing students to specific character building curriculum

The Big Idea


Use signature strengths & personal values to drive your life with Purpose.


Articulate priorities & commitments. Make strong, conscious choices to support them.


Use targeted action to cultivate leadership, teamwork & success.


Become internally driven to practice resiliency, courage & compassion.

A Day

In the Life
of a



Our participants jump into a constant stream of activities and challenges specifically designed to create engagement and generate results. It's a loud day, a funny day, a meaningful day. A Redwood workshop provides an important chance for students to step back and take ownership of what is most important to them.

Take a look below at a typical workshop agenda and see what's in store.


Character. Community. Leadership.

A Note to Parents

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    Parents have become some of the biggest advocates of Redwood's work. We hear great stories about renewed relationships and hearty, rich conversations. Many parents have 2 or 3 children that have all gone through the program or 1-on-1 coaching.

    The kids we work with are happy, fun, energetic, well-loved children. The parent-child relationship is the most important in their life, by far, and Redwood succeeds in getting students to acknowledge it as such. We show kids how a strong, happy relationship with their parents benefits them. The old idea of 'the teenage hell years' is merely that -- a tired, unnecessary myth.

    After students complete the first workshop, parents have the option to begin 1-on-1 coaching. Trained Redwood Leaders will work directly with your child, delivering targeted, sustained results. The outcomes are quite remarkable. During this process, we will get to know you, keep you informed and provide direct support and answers when you need it. We will also get to hear from you the exciting ways your son or daughter is using what they have learned.

    If your school does not offer Redwood, and you would like your child to experience it, there are two options.

    First, we can work with your child 1-on-1, even if they have not gone through the workshop first. One of our trained facilitators will take him or her through the material directly.

    Second, you can help your child's school bring Redwood to their students by sending the administrator an email. Simply click here and let them know you think this experience is important and the benefits valuable.

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